There's a man who walks the streets of London late at night

(The Ripper, Jack The Ripper)

With a little black bag that's oh-so tight

(The Ripper, Jack The Ripper)

He's got a big black cloak hangin' down his back

(The Ripper, Jack The Ripper)

That's one big cat I just hate to fight

(The Ripper, Jack The Ripper)

Going back an eon or two, when I was still in high school - more specifically grade 10 (or secondaire IV as it is called in la belle province), part of the curriculum for French class involved producing a 30 second commercial for some product, which would be video taped. The products were assigned randomly to the students. I got Sanka brand coffee.

My production was quite far from removed anything that would be regarded as politically correct and certainly I would not be allowed to do what I had done.

I modified the product I was pitching to be Sanka brand decaffeinated coffee.

The scene: It is dark. There is the sound of panting and running footsteps. A scream is heard. Jack the Ripper steps out from the shadows and stabs his victim to death. Once finished, he turns to the camera and says, In my line of work, you need steady hands and nerves. That is why I drink Sanka brand decaffeinated coffee.

I had the Screaming Lord Sutch song Jack the Ripper as the background music. With the help of my mother, stitched up a victim from an old shirt and pants, which was stuffed with newspaper. Brought a real knife with at least an 8 inch steel blade on it to school.

Aside from all the alarm bells that would set off today, it was a fun thing to do. It was also voted as the most popular commercial by the senior grade.

Image nabbed from here.


RennyBA said…
You are so tallented - develope your skills Richard and you might make a fortune:-)
ghee said…
good old days :)I miss my school days,too!

yeah,Richard,you are talented,as renny said.And your mom was good at making props.thats a brilliant idea,i may say.

tomorrow`s weekend?r u excited goin home? have a nice weekend!
Richard said…
rennyba: I certainly hope I make a fortune :-)

ghee: actually, I hated high school, I found it to be a complete waste of 5 years. It was like being held in stasis until we were old enough to go off to college. I am always amazed by how many people liked high school. None of my friends from high school liked it either (so I am not the only one).
Mum2One said…
Sounds really interesting and fun! I'm sure you would have enjoyed doing the commercial. I would too!
Richard said…
mum2one: thanks.

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