"Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water putrefies; the idle mind decays."

Leonardo da Vinci


Anonymous said…
I totally identify with it in some areas of my life... but not the mind bit... more the physical exertion bit.

I just realised that my brother lives in Canada, around where you're from!

Barbara said…
I can't imagine you ever having an idle mind!
carra said…
Idle mind decays, certainly, that's why you keep coming up with something to keep it busy.
acey said…
i agree, leo dv!
Richard said…
mum2one: second time back in a few days. Will you resume blogging again soon?

I did tighten up the quote a bit. The original is a bit more rambling.

So you have a Canadian connection, eh?

barbara: an idle mind is usually not my problem, feeling stagnant is far more common.

carra: it can't just be busy work. There is no question that doing is preferable to not doing. There is always (at least for me) a improved sense of self esteem when I accomplish something, however ... at some point you also want what you do to have meaning, so just doing it for the sake of doing becomes unsatisfying.

acey: always do, always achieve and never let anyone put you or your accomplishments and achievements down. You will be happier that way.

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