The opposite of love is ... ?

The classic answer is hate. Unfortunately, it is wrong.

The opposite of love is indifference.

Love and hate are two powerful emotions of deep care and concern for an individual (one is concerned with the good of the person, the other with the harm).

As human beings, we all need relationships. To not have friends and companions is painful for us. So we get into relationships (friendship, romantic, or otherwise) because we need them. We need to know someone cares.

Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to matter if the person cares for us in a positive or negative way - just as long as they care. As long as they devote their attention to us.

This is the only answer I can come to regarding why so many people get into bad relationships and don't leave - worse yet, cling to them.

indifference is the opposite because it is not caring, unlike love or hate which are about caring.

Epitaph: I died alone ... without even a tormenter for company.

My emotional and mental state are good - so don't read anything into that last line. I just thought it sounded nice.



Today I married my friend ...

"Today I married my Friend...the one who shares my hopes and dreams. This is my beloved and this is my friend."

I am 9 years married today.

I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children - a family of my own. A precious treasure of more value to me than all the wealth in the world.

A seed was planted and a beautiful garden has sprung.



Woo! Hoo! Three weeks of feeling good!

For some thoroughly unexplained reason, my mental and emotional moods are far better than they have been for the past two years.

It is strange (and very refreshing) to have switched out of 'flight' mode and be able to 'move' again.

Ok, ok, maybe I'm not exactly turning cartwheels yet. I am still worried that I may be fragile. But if this keeps up, I definitely feel I can move forward with my life again.



Borrowed navel gazing meme...

You can get more ice cream from the site I borrowed this meme.

About me

I am lost. In the journey of life, I have followed my own path for 39 years, and as I now look around, I discover I am alone and with no idea where I am.
I have much to be thankful for.
I wish I were independently wealthy.
I hate dishonesty and deception.
I fear that I will die without having accomplished and achieved all that I could have.
I hope that things will always work out.
I hear the fan of my computer and keys clicking as I type.
I wonder about pretty much everything.
I regret nothing. I have always acted consistently with my core beliefs. This does not mean I do not sometimes wish things were different.
I love my children. There is nothing more endearing than ones own genetic offspring.
I always think.
I am not very materialistic. I enjoy fine things, but I am not driven to covet them.
I dance poorly and without feeling.
I sing to my children.
I cry when I am despondent or when I try to read "The Happy Prince" or "The Selfish Giant", by Oscar Wilde, to my kids.

Yes or no questions

You keep a diary? No - unless an intermittent blog counts.
You like to cook? Yes. I also like to eat.
You have a secret that you have not shared with anyone? In theory no, but in practice, only I know everything I have done or thought.

Do you...?

Want to get married? Moot question - I already am (9 years this 28-September-2005).
Get motion sickness? No.
Think that you are health freak? No.
Current hair color: Dirty blonde, with grey (not that it is noticeable).
Eye color: Indeterminate. Typically greenish, but if I wear a blue shirt, they look blue.
Birthplace: Sutton-in-Ashfield, Great Britain.
Favorite day of the week: any day I do not have to go to work.
Favorite song: Good Golly Miss Molly - but, to be honest, it depends on my mood.
Favorite season: Winter - but as I get older, I find myself liking late Spring or early Fall more.
Favorite drink: Pear juice - but since that is hard to come by ... orange juice, cranberry juice (often too sweet), milk. I consume water the most, though.

[edited on 27-September-2005 to link to where I borrowed this meme theme. Also corrected wedding anniversary date and a spelling mistake. Mea Culpa!]



How to tell when a relationship is over.

Only having ever had one relationship, it is not particularly relevant to me, but ... I thought it was funny non-the-less (maybe it is precisely because I have had no other relationships that I find it funny, rather than poignant)

How to tell when a relationship is over.



Shh! Don't stare, it's not polite!

I find this picture curiously surreal - rather like some of Salvador Dali's paintings.

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