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Of retirement and death

Chicken Seller

Goosey, goosey, gander

Grey Squirrel, Black Squirrel

Let it snow

Merry Christmas!

Street price of pate fois gras

10 Christmas Commandments

Blogger Bloke Blocked

To Appreciate

Why is it always salty?

Damn the torpor and full speed ahead!

Into the Twilight Zone

Borrowing a meme

"Revolution is rarely in itself a pleasant thing.

"A revolution is not a social dinner,

Going! Going!

Mundane Monday's Motivation Moment

The Cold Within

"It could be worse."

Random photo blog

Five Successes

"The slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown."

Fall summary

Turning debt upside down

Song in my head

Kill, kill, kill.

A Tale of Two Queues

Yet another sign of aging

"Stand still, like a statue."

"I suppose I should tell you the honest truth."

In lieu of real content

What makes trees grow?

"Will you buy me a present for my birthday?"

It's the principle of the matter!

I'd rather have a root canal than ...

The man behind the pillar

When the numbers don't make sense.

Why you should regularly visit your dentist.

Lights in the sky.

Desktop and icons looking a wee bit tired?

"I am on LSD"

Push or Pull?

Implicit Association Test

Anthony! Anthony! Anthony! Always Anthony!

Why does it always have to be hard?

Childhood classics

No fear

Scientists develop unbeatable DNA tic-tac-toe computer.

Dividing the hemispheres

Of curves and straight lines

Not blind yet

Fueling around

How much is my life worth?

Variation on a theme

Of belonging and conformity

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face -- for ever.

Filling the void

Racing to 5

"Your neighbour is doing a big construction."

Wherever you go, I will follow


Arbitrary precision

DVDs and magic lost

You say tomato I say tomato

Landing on the Forbidden Planet

Many of you have accepted the situation of your imprisonment and will die here like rotten cabbages.

YAPT - Yet Another Personality Test