Out of the corner of my eye ...

It is interesting how we sometimes notice things in our peripheral vision (although, I am sure there is a lot more we miss).

I don't think I parsed this the right way, but ... then again, I am totally oblivious to the latest trends.

Screen capture, cropping and highlighting by Richard of Forbidden Planet. Content and layout of screen capture copyright Sympatico / MSN

[Also noticed they changed the layout of the Blogger dashboard].

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Awkward grouping for sure.
Kind of like the ammo in the Canadian Tire "back to school" flyer :)
First you go back to school and then you have a baby? I liked that one.
think that machine never be as clever as human :p
Hope you're over your throat infection. Your kids must be excited to go back to school and we have one last kick at summer this long weekend. It's to be a really nice warm and sunny one, best all summer!

(I'm not going back to school for the 3rd year now and it still seems a bit weird! (Have ab angiogram on Sept. 4th that will determine if I have to have bypass surgery or not....and I thought I was doing so well! RATS!)

Take care.
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