New and improved! Bigger,! Bolder! Less Fattening!

Well ... maybe not.

Forbidden Planet has new space-time coordinates. You can find it, in all its infancy (for the time being - eventually it will grow up) here.

I have no plans to move this blog and its contents over (ok, maybe I might move 1 or 2 things).

Image nabbed from here


wow, you're moving to a new spot! :) my comments won't post on the new blog, though. :(

happy weekend, richard!
acey: but it did post. There still might be kinks in the new site. I am just using available components and hoping they work well. I have certainly seen your comment (and the comments two other people have left).

Just keep trying. If things don't work right, always feel free to let me know.
you're moving?
Hi Richard

Wishing u and family a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays..
ur blog is so nice!By the way at your free time try to visit my site.I'll also visit yours often.I'll add you in my blogroll as soon as you visit mine.Hope you'l visit soon.
wow richard!!!
happy for you that you have a new "home"....

happy new year!!!
Hoppin' from Acey's blog and still reading your entries, hope you don't mind :)
I do not care from whoever you nabbed the illustration from, you just completed with your text
where are you?

anyway, i moved to another "house"...
I can't find your newest blog, Richard. How do I get to it?
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