Today's Lunch Menu

Feeding the kids (and then getting them to eat it) can be challenging.

Today, we had vegetable soup (made with fresh vegetables and homemade chicken stock – we ate the chicken earlier this week) with tortilla chips and salsa.

After the initial round of “Ewww! I don’t like soup!” they settled down and began to eat. To encourage them, I suggested a race to see who would finish first. My daughter finished first and my son became dejected that he lost (not to worry, he won the race at dinner).

To encourage my son to finish his soup, I told him the story of Achilles (they already know something about the Trojan War – having watched the Crayola Kids version of it: The Trojan Horse). Of course, my version was a little … adapted.

A long time ago there was a great warrior named Achilles. You remember him from the Trojan War. When he was born, his mother took to the Delphic Oracle (someone who was very wise and could tell the future) to ask what she could do to make sure Achilles was very strong. The Oracle replied that Achilles always had to eat all his food – including the vegetables, thus he would be invulnerable. And for many years Achilles ate all his food. Many years later he was the most feared soldier in the Trojan War because no sword could cut him or arrow could pierce him. But, one day, Achilles didn’t eat all vegetables, when he went out to battle part of him was no longer protected. A poison arrow from the enemy pierced his heel and he died. This would not have happened had he eaten all his vegetables.

This story was also accompanied with an anatomical lesson of the food, describing the various parts of the foot, including the heel.


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