I discovered this as I was going cleaning up images on my computer. I don't remember where I originally found it. If anyone knows the source, I will happily credit them (although, the image does lead me to believe is was probably here).


Nothing feels better than a well meant hug:-)
rennyba: I agree, but some people are not huggers.
true. some people will hug anyone they come across and others are rather reserved when it comes to hugging.

i've known some people that are a little too creepy with the hugs. for whatever reason, this hug cartoon made me think of that! :)
that's a hug that suffocates :S
i like sincere hugs, i believe you can tell a person's intention by the way he/she hugs you.
Hmmn.... that woman seems to be screaming for help while the man is enjoying it. :P

I'm not a hugger, except for someone very, very, special. :D
breal: I am not a hugger, but my mom was. She always hugged people when greeting them.

coffee fairy: ah, but what if they don't hug you, can you still tell their intentions?

bee: I am like you, but even so, I found the cartoon amusing. Maybe I need to get a hobby.
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