Where do they go?

Uploading personal images to Blogger or any place on the web always makes me cringe a bit because I don't know where those photos are going to end up. Anyone can grab them and do what they want with them. As well, recalling something once it has been on the Internet is impossible (low traffic, password protected, or encrypted sites may be an exception, since the information may not have been noticed and copied).

My principal concern with Blogger is that I can't edit my image collection. Once I have uploaded an image, it is there permanently, but I have no ability to remove it. I can always hide the link, but the image is still there. Yeah, I know, I can get some picture sharing account, but I am inherently lazy and don't want to manage / integrate / merge disparate sites.

So what are Blogger and Google doing with this hoard of images they are collecting and storing?

Image nabbed from here.


Barbara said…
Words or pictures, what's the difference? You have to have some level of blind trust that what you put out there won't be misused. Otherwise you wouldn't be writing a Blog!

Here are your 5 questions, plus a bonus question:

(1) What advice do you have for your children and others of their age as they prepare to take our places in the world?
(2) What are the benefits and the difficulties of being married to someone from another country and a somewhat different cultural upbringing from yours?
(3) What would your perfect job be like?
(4) If you could change one thing that happened in your life, what would it be?
(5) What is your motivation for Blogging?
(Bonus) What will the world be like in 100 years?
KayMac said…
Richard, when you figure this out, please let me know. I count on you to keep me blog image accountable.
Richard said…
barbara: it is not a question of others snatching it, it is more the question of why I can't manipulate what I have uploaded.

I will answer the questions as soon as I can.

kaymac: I suppose it just gets stored and backed up. For example, I have over 10 years worth of data on my hard disk. Every time I get a bigger hard disk, I simply copy over the old (smaller) one into a folder called c-drive. I just don't throw out information (actually not true, but it takes me a long time to get around to sorting it all out).
When I google images, I'm surprised how many come up that I think look like actual family pictures. Where do they get them from? Our blogs or people's Kodak accounts or something similar?

Great questions, Barbara! Looking forward to reading your thoughtful answers, Richard.

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