Pop Culture

At 39-1/2 I am beginning to suspect that popular culture may actually be more popular than I believe. But, I just don't get it.

My first recollection of popular culture was ages ago (I reckon I was probably around 7 or so), and it was a televised Elton John concert. I knew that he was popular and so I sat down to watch. I remember it being exceedingly dull and uninteresting - the music was certainly not appealing or interesting in any way. Of course, I could see the crowds reacting with, for me, unexplained enthusiasm, to his songs.

My rationalization of this, was that, since this was the early 70s, people were likely influenced by drugs and not making rational choices.

Actually, that is what I tended to believe for most of my life - people didn't really like the music they were listening too, or the activities they were engaging in. I just assumed they were being influenced by peer pressure and simply trying fit in rather than being individuals.

Another pop culture phenomen I didn't understand was Star Wars. I was 11 at the time. I was looking forward to seeing it, since I was already a big Star trek fan and very into science fiction. I did not find the movie particularly interesting - rather shallow. I was not fazed by the special effects. An interesting consequence of being probably the only kid who wasn't wowed by Star Wars was that my friends denied that I had actually seen the movie. I found this interesting. After all, I knew I saw it. It was a puzzling reaction for me. The only thing I could imagine is that, the people, when faced with something they don't understand, deny it. Star Wars was hot, everyone was crazy about it, I didn't like it, consequently, I must not have seen it, because if I had seen it, I would like it. Right?

So, today, I still don't get pop culture, but, I am being forced into accepting that pop culture is in fact more popular than I believe.


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