Meme about me

Borrowed this meme from Hotel Solace

1.What were you doing 10 years ago?
Working at my first job as a professional programmer and being madly in love with my future wife.

2.What were you doing 1 year ago?
Finishing up a project and preparing to take a 6 month sabbatical.

3. Five snacks you enjoy.
1) Chocolates
2) Chips
3) Cashews
4) Cakes
5) Cookies

I enjoy them all too much!

5. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now.
None, I only know parts of songs.

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire.
1) Pay my debts
2) Buy a larger house.
3) Retire and work on my own projects.
4) Travel.
5) Give money to research and those in need.

6. Five bad habits.
1) Procrastinating.
2) Too much web surfing.
3) Over eat.
4) Exercise too little.
5) Get cranky when tired or stressed.

7. Five things you like doing.
1) Reading
2) Hiking / Walking
3) Learning
4) Spending time with the kids.
5) Spending time with Sofia.

8. Five favorite toys.
1) Computer
2) Lego (at least when I was a kid)
3) Kitchen stove / microwave
4) Star Fleet Battles (when I was a little less than half the man I am today ;-)
5) D&D (or most role playing games - again, when I was a bit younger)

9. Five places I enjoy hanging out at.
1) Dollarama
2) Science Centre
3) Museum of Natural History
4) Home
5) Anyplace green.

10. Five jobs I would take up if I had the skills.
1) Author
2) Lecturer
3) Actor
4) Film maker
5) Scientist

[Update 22-Feb-2006 to expand the jobs category to 5 from 3 - it just makes more sense that way. With a nod to Lunafish who took the meme from me and corrected this obvious oversight.]


Lunafish said…
Good stuff. Glad to see horse and guinea pig were not a snack food (he,he,he) I will remember if I ever make it to Peru that they are not kidding if it is on the menu.
With all the tunes you are dishing up on your site now, I am surprised you didn't have the lyrics part filled in.
If you don't mind, I think I will fill in one of these for my blog today as well.

And, yes my old fairy avatar is back - was a better fit for me.
Richard said…
I have the disadvantage, when it comes to snack food, that I will munch on salt or sweet.

Nope, don't know all the lyrics to any song (unless children's nursery rhymes count. The itsy bitsy spider ...)
busybee said…
hmmn.. many things in common here i think :P
Richard said…
bee: you care to elaborate or are you going to do this meme too? Or have I missed some obvious ribbing (I really doubt you played SFB)
busybee said…
'Star Fleet Battles'? I don't play that of course. :)

ok, I shall do the 'meme thingy' later.
Hey this is so interesting. Your favourite snacks all starts with 'C'! Or did you deliberately plan for it to be so??? :P

I am pleasantly surprised to know you wanna be a Scientist. Any reason why? Just curious really.
Richard said…
Actually, I did not plan on my favourite snacks to all begin with C (maybe subconciously, but I doubt it, your observation surprised me).

Why a scientist? Because I like learning, exploring, understanding the natural world.

Of course, scientist is ultimately derived from the Latin verb scio which means to know or to understand.

So, technically, any branch of knowledge is a science and those who work to expand that knowledge are scientists.

Of course, in vernacular usage, it has a much narrower scope.

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