Documentation blues

I am currently in the midst of writing a software specification document and this is seriously draining my brain. ugh.

There is no doubt that specs are important to ensure we all agree to what we are developing, but writing them is oppressive. It would be easier to just sketch it out in a few narrative paragraphs, but that wouldn't be kosher. What is worse, is that it is for a GUI, which it needs even more details than usual, since it needs to interact with unpredictable users. sigh.


Colleen said…
Good luck, I will be checking back to see when you are done and back to blogging..
Richard said…
Documentation is, for me, one of those mind-numbing things. Writing for pleasure is different, but writing documents that are complete, consistent, and testable is not.

As well, I’ve been moved to a different cubicle in the company (working on a different project). This means I’ve lost my fabulous view and now overlook a parking lot (should I care to look over my should and out the window). This cubicle is also far less private, so it is harder to surreptitiously dash off a few lines to my blog.
ingrid said…
hehe... trying writing documentation for 10 years... the only upside is the quitting is great.
Richard said…
Ingrid, I think quitting is great from any job - of course, it helps to have something waiting for you (nice a nice big fat bank account. sigh.)

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