An F for writing

When writing by hand, I prefer to use a pencil instead of a pen. Though, if I am forced to use a pen (as at work), I prefer an easy flowing medium ballpoint (I would love to try out a large ballpoint, but have not found one). I absolutely cannot stand fine or ultrafine ballpoints – they are only good for ripping pages – besides which, the ink never properly flows out of them. The same goes for those mechanical pencils with the fine leads (0.5mm et al.).

I like a nice wood pencil with six sides. It can be yellow or blue or natural in colour. The colour doesn't matter.

More specifically, I like an F pencil. I can manage with a 2H, but I find it a bit too hard.

After sharpening the point, I draw curves and lines to get the point gently rounded for use.

I like the feel of the pencil as it glides along the page. I like the look of the letters and words and strokes.


b said…
I also like lead pencils, but yes, they have to be a specific kind. I've gotten away from lead pencils and primarily use pens now...but I feel the same about a pen as cannot be ultrafine. There is a neat feeling about writing/drawing with a good pencil.
What were HB pencils? Didn't they give out those in school? I used to think mechanical pencils were least the really good ones.
I'm so old that I started to write with a fountain pen and had actual ink wells in our desks in Gr. 5. Then we went on to use cartridge pens. I loved the peacock blue ink my teacher used to mark. I actually used it to mark in my first few years of teaching.
Ink was so messy. I think we switched to ballpoint in high school. I'm still lousy at writing and printing. Strange coming from a teacher, eh? I am not like most women teachers. My desk wasn't neat either.
Barbara said…
The only thing I dislike about pencils is the fact that because I am left-handed, my hand becomes covered in lead when I drag it across the paper. I actually don't think I could write a page by hand any longer since I am so used to typing.
tin-tin said…
i also like using pencils more. but they should really be sharpened. coz if not, i get frustrated. hehehe. as for pens, i think i'm more into the thin point pens. i think my handwriting is better when i use that kind of pen than a ballpoint. hehe ;p
Richard said…
breal: I still prefer pencils over pens. I also have to have some padding underneath. I don't like writing on a hard surface.

MOI: I knew there was something odd about my post. I wasn't convinced about the 2H, but I couldn't recognize what it was. Yes, HB pencils are what we used in school (although, in later highschool, I did switch to F because I preferred it over HB).

Tania learns to write with a cartridge pen at school.

barbara: I am a south-paw too, but the silver-grey smudge on my fingers doesn't bother me.

tin-tin: I Like to press firmly when I write, so so very pointy writing implements are no good. I am willing to guess that you like to write small.
KayMac said…
how about the smell of wood when you sharpen a pencil? not quite up there w/ freshly mowed grass, but still...
Richard said…
kaymac: it had not occurred to me, but freshly sharpened pencils have a special smell.

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