Seven Songs

A few weeks back, breal invited me to participate in a musical meme. The rules are simple, list seven songs you are listening to now and why.

In my case, I was not in a music listening mood at the time so I postponed it until I was. Although, in my case it is more like seven artists I am listening to.

Why do I like these songs? Simple, they mess with my neurochemistry and make me feel good. It is not the lyrics or the music I enjoy, but the whole effect. For example, I like Tutti-Frutti by Little Richard, but when sung by Pat Boone, it is awful. Usually, I am tied into one particular version - for example Aretha Franklin does an excellent job with Chain of Fools, but so does Little Richard (he wrote it) - which is rare.

The best way to enjoy them is to ignore the videos (I find them distracting), crank up the volume, close your eyes and let the music wash over you. Like the Steppenwolf song Magic Carpet Ride says "Close your eyes, girl. Step inside, girl. Let the sound take you away."

I Love Myself Today by Bif Naked, a Canadian artist, from her album Purge. This is an excellent album with lots of good songs to listen to.
Out of My Head by Junkhouse. A Canadian band that released two albums. This is from their first album, Strays, and is another excellent album with lots of good tunes on it.
The River by The Tea Party, yet another Canadian band. This is their from their first album, Splendor Solis, which is another excellent album chock full of good music.
Somebody to Love by Jefferson Airplane. I listen to it from the collection The Worst of Jefferson Airplane. Aside from this song and White Rabbit, I don’t like any other of their songs. This video has both of their best songs - what luck.
We Gotta Get Out of This Place by The Animals. I listen to it off The Best of The Animals, another CD full of great tunes.
Little Queenie by Jimmy Swaggert's cousin, the Killer himself, Jerry Lee Lewis. I Listen to it off a generic Jerry Lee Lewis compilation.
Good Golly Miss Molly from the self proclaimed queen of Rock and Roll, Little Richard. Again, I listen to it off a generic Little Richard compilation.


b said…
Good stuff, Richard. I'm glad you were able to do this meme. I also wanted to wish you a very Happy Father's Day!
Richard said…
breal:Good that I did it? Or good selection of songs?

Thanks! I had a nice day.
Sadly, I don't know some of this but I like Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit best.
Richard said…
MOI: So you listened to all? I still think "Somebody to Love" is the stronger song.
b said…
Both. I like the music choices and I'm glad you did the meme. I particularly like the Junkhouse song on your list. I've never heard of them before (or The Tea Party) but enjoyed both songs here.
Richard said…
breal: they are both Canadian bands from the early 90s. Junkhouse produced only one more album (Birthday Boy), but it was not as good as the first (even though the sound is similar). The Tea Party has produced a number of albums, each one weirder, edgier and harder than the last.

The best thing about the first three albums listed is that they flow. It is not so much a compilation of songs as a musical progression. I don't know, maybe albums are made that way (no, wait, White Stripes album Elephant is just a collection of songs with out any feeling of unity or flow).
b said…
I agree with your comment about music flow. And no, many albums don't work that way in my opinion. Some great artists really have that but I've found lately that I enjoy going onto iTunes and grabbing songs and putting them together on a playlist based on how I think music should flow.
No, my computer plays them in fits and starts...same with videos...I'll try it sometime on the office computer but it's often not much better.

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