Meating in Montreal

One of the neat things about grocery shopping in Montreal is the slightly wider variety of food I can find. There is no need to walk into a specialty store. I think every major grocery store I have been in sells horse meat. Most sell bison as well.

Horse is very, very lean. Ground horse meat is cheaper than lean ground beef and leaner than extra-lean ground beef.

I recently bought some non-traditional meats (red deer, horse and bison) and used them to make a stew (I just told the family it was beef because they tend to be picky about eating non-traditional animals).

Photo credits: Richard of ForbiddenPlanet


Cavalock said…
one stew with all 3 meats? wow!
Richard said…
cavalock: I thought of you as I did this post. Stew is much better with multiple meats, same with chili and cassoulet.
b said…
Sniff. Sniff. You know how I feel about horse meat. :(
Barbara said…
You sound like my mother-in-law who always tried to pass off tongue as roast beef. Could your family tell the difference? I couldn't eat horse meat for some reason.
Richard said…
breal: yep, Bambi and Black Beauty in the same pot.

barbara: I cannot see passing off tongue as pot roast, the texture is just all wrong. Not that there is anything wrong with tongue.

Cooked and seasoned they all taste very much like lean beef - more so than veal does - and you won't confuse it for pork or chicken or lamb.

I found the red deer very nice to cut up, the meat was very easy to cut. Bison and horse are tougher cuts.

No one made any, "Ugh! This tastes funny," comments.

For the curious:

alligator tastes like pork
llama tastes like beef
guinea pig tastes like rabbit
frogs legs taste like chicken, but have the texture of shrimp
tin-tin said…
horse meat? waaah! idon't think i'll eat one. if ever you'll serve me those kind of meat.. don't tell me also, okay? :)
Richard said…
tin-tin: I promise not to let you know what you are eating
Axel said…
uYou should try ostrich meat. It's great. Probably on sale in Canada. Nice blog.
Richard said…
axel: I have had emu - but I don't remember what it tastes like. It was ground up and heavily spiced. I have also had boar.

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