"Are we there yet?"


"Oh, man. I'll have a beard!", Jason said stroking his imaginary beard.

You might think this exchange occurred during a long drive. It didn't. We had entered the mall to get JJ a haircut and this exchange occurred as we were walking toward the hair salon. Jason is 5 years old.


b said…
Another reiteration of what I said earlier about your daughter...your wit is undeniably in their blood! :) Don't you love when these little beings utter such witty and intelligent remarks? I remember my niece surprising me all the time with such remarks when she was that age. I think that must be such an incredible time in a child's life for a parent to observe...that evolution and development. Undeniably, that has to make you feel proud and warm your heart considerably!
KayMac said…
Jason is awesome! Made me crack up.
Barbara said…
I'll bet you were just like Jason when you were 5, yes?

Did he like his haircut?
Richard said…
breal: kids can say pretty amazing things. But, then, so do adult. Ever listen to a politician? Probably the most vital thing about having kids is to keep a journal (which I did not do - I had good intents, but I have never kept a journal, so the habit is foreign to me - blogging is helping to get me into a habit of writing reasonably regularily).

kaymac: I thought it was a great line too.

barbara: In terms of appearance, yes. In terms of behaviour ... we both have a lot of energy and had trouble sitting still. But he is far more interested in sports than I ever was. I also asked far more questions than he does. In fact, my mother says my first word was tso? which is Polish for what? as I used the word and a pointed finger to inquire about my world.
RennyBA said…
Its amazing what you can hear from the young once and of course logical - to him :-)
Cute and very witty! Kids say the darnedest things as Art Linkletter used to say! I can so see you uttering a million questions as a kid just as you do now.
tin-tin said…
he's so cute :)
freckled-one said…
Out of the mouths of babes. Cherish every minute of this because it won't last forever. =o)
Richard said…
rennyba: children definitely see the world in their own way.

MOI: it is a hard habit to stop. I remember at my first job, my boss told me that he thought I would never settle down and stop asking questions.

tin-tin: thanks!

freckled-one: I know it won't. I wish I had kept a journal and recorded more memories of the kids. We do have lots and lots of photos, though.

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