A difference of 50 years.

Here is the original trailer for Forbidden Planet:

This is a modern fan made one:

Presentation and packaging make a big difference.


good soundtrack but cut scenes were way too long.

of cos we all know its just Shakespeare's The Tempest in space. hehehe

was reading Vol 3 of Doctor Who's monster guide at Borders last nite. I been missing a lot! ;)
Although I did enjoy Star Wars, I usually don't choose to read or watch science fiction. The second one reminds me of a James Bond movie intro!
cavalock: the original suffers from "telling" instead of "showing". I love teh soundtrack from teh movie. Completely electronic. Best use of a theremin I have ever heard.

barbara: the second one is definitely much punchier. Apparently, the music is from Batman Begins.

I never liked Star Wars. I though tit seriously lacked a plot and I was not blon away by the special effects. I remember thinking, "I still see the blue screen fringing. How is this a leap forward?"

2001 had better special effects.
really big difference. hehehe.
the second video didn't have any words except for monster of id but you'll be encouraged to watch the film. for the first video, i think i'll agree that it's an unusual film. hehehe ;p
tin-tin: either way, it is still the same movie. While a bit dated, I still think it is a great movie. Probably a bit slower than what modern audiences are into, though, but I think the climax is well worth it.
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