Word 97 limitation

Did you know that Word 97 can only display a maximum of 769 characters on a line before wrapping to the next line?

I found that out yesterday, when I was trying to format some debug data for printing. My font was Courier New, my font size was 2, my paper size to 11x17 in landscape mode with margins of 0.5". Yet, word insisted on wrapping my lines.

Fortunately Word 2000 does not have this limitation. It was able to print my data which had 1152 characters per line.

While I can just about read it, I wouldn't recommend doing so without a magnifying glass. It looks a lot like ASCII art and it is the general appearance, rather than the actual content that I am interested in at the moment.

     _/\_       __/\__
) . (_ _) .' (
`) '.( ) .' (`
`-._\(_ )/__(~`
) `-.______
/ `---._
( ,// ) \
`\/-. |
\ |
| jgs/VK |

ASCII art nabbed from here.


Beth said…
I hate Courier. But the moose is cute.
RennyBA said…
Your curiousnesses about finding out things always amazing me!

Watching the moose makes me feel like wandering around in our Norwegian forest:-)

Btw: I need you to vote for me - Please :-)
Barbara said…
So many advances in technology have to do with changing the limitations. I suppose that's what keeps us paying for the updates! The whole IT industry is so far from where I was first introduced to it in the late 1960's.
TorAa said…
The moose (or Elk) is exactly done the same way as we draw "pictures" back in the late 60'ies and early 70'ies.

Richard said…
beth: I like Courier, it is so clean and regular. Mind you, most of my time at a computer is spend programming, so I prefer having everything line up exactly. For proportional fonts I am rather fond of Verdana (which I use as my Windows font).

rennyba: a lot of people don't realize that Northern Europe and Northern Canada share a lot of wildlife in common. I only discovered it by accident.

barbara: A lot has changed in technology and the way we do technology. While the underlying principles have not changed, the manner of implementation has. In some ways it seems a shame that old skills are obsoleted. On the other hand, who wants to be chipping flint knives?

toraa: yep, I had to look for ASCII art. Then I had to ficure out how to preserve all the whitespace. HTML ignores whitespace. sigh. It is done using the tag pre

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