"[W]e’ve been receiving material from people who apparently learned to type by throwing their cats at the keyboard..."

Taken from this post at 101 Reasons to Stop Writing.


Travis Erwin said…
Guess it's a good thing I don't have a cat.
b said…
I'm with Travis! :)
Richard said…
travis: I'm sure for more substantial works, people use dogs.

breal: I suppose that's good - keeps you from having to pick out cat fur from the keyboard.
HA! That's so true! My cats walk across the keyboard all the time, inserting their comments, ("I want food now!") in all my e-mails! I'm sure they've been online shopping at friskies.com!!!

I just ordered 2 Cds and 2 books at Chapters/Indigo for the first time and saved money. The prices are better, I got free shipping since it was over $39.99, and it was delivered in 2 days! Saved me the gas driving to a Barrie mall 30 minutes away too.
Richard said…
MOI: I think I've only bought books 3 times online; each time from different resellers because I couldn't find them locally. I prefer to thumb through a book before buying it.

In my case, the books didn't arrive quite so quickly because they tended to be fairly low run / distributions.

The free shipping is always good. Shipping costs is often a major factor in nixing any online purchase plans I might have.

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