Dancing Porcupine

Amazing what you can find on Google Maps. I just discovered today that people put links to all sorts of pictures and videos on the map (I had to select My Maps to be able to enable this).

Found a video of a "dancing" porcupine at the EcoMuseum near where we live (about 7.5Km or 5 miles).

You can take a virtual tour here or look at some photos I have previously posted.

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very very cool :)
Interesting video. Thanks for the smile.
Ok, that is what I look like when I drink too much water! What a fabulous function! Thanks for brining this to our attention!
that is so cute!
I'd kiss that face except for the quills, you know?
Porcupines are very cool animals. He didn't seem the least bit interesting in firing off those painful quills!
Porcupines actually DO NOT throw their quills. They will instead, back up into a predator and rub the quills against the threat. Once embedded, however, they are very difficult to remove due to the barb at the end of each quill...
ingrid: that is what I thought. He is so anthropomorphic the way he dances on his hind legs.

travis: you're welcome.

kaymac: it is one of those things randomly stumbled upon on blogger. Might not be a bad idea to checkout your neighbourhood online and see what the neighbours have been posting.

krista: yay! You left me a comment. He (she?) does look more like a cute little person than a porcupine.

barbara: he was definitely interested in something.

anonymous: yes, I know.
Either it's been fed before, or it's stressed from the attention. Interesting video all the same.
barbara: it probably has been fed before by humans. All the animals at the EcoMuseum are animals that in some way been rescued and are no longer suitable for release to the wild.

As can be seen from the video, the enclosure is not really keeping the animals that far away from the people. Although, it is the first time I have actually seen the porcupine moving about, whenever I have been, it is always curled up sleeping somewhere (usually out of site).
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