Roswell Conspiracy

Roswell is famous (or infamous) for the supposed crashing of a UFO there back in 1947, from which there was apparently at least one alien recovered.

The description of the "alien" has given rise to the familiar grey alien.

I don't believe in aliens and UFOs any longer - I did when I was younger, but that is many decades behind (well, if 2 decades counts as many) - but there are better, more probable and less convoluted ways of explaining and understanding things.

My take on it: (1) the crashed object was not a UFO, (2) it was a military test object, possible a style of plane or perhaps something along the lines of a balloon of connected to a balloon, (3) there was no alien recovered, (4) if a living being was recovered, it was human and very likely suffering from the genetic disease known as Progeria - characterized by accelerated aging, with death occurring in the early teens.

Why would I come to this conclusion? Because people suffering from progeria look an awful lot like "grey aliens" - small, spindly, humanoid, with large bald head, small mouth. Despite their illness, they are typically of normal intelligence.

I could easily imagine some child, an institutional ward, being used as an expendable human guinea pig. Perhaps being carried aloft in a large balloon into the upper atmosphere to study, determine the effects of cosmic rays, low atmospheric pressure.

Of course, maybe I am just all mixed up. After all, it is not as if governments / institutions / researchers have ever been known to callously consider some humans as less human than others. It is not as if researchers fed radioactive isotopes to "feeble-minded" children, or withheld treatment for syphilis so they could study the progression of the disease. Such things would be unimaginable. After all, humans just don't do that to other humans.

Images nabbed from here, here, and here.


Cavalock said…
i'm suprised. i thought u would that there is intelligent life out there. Granted u may not believe that any hv visited us but still the odds of us being the only intelligent life around?

btw, hv finally watching Torchwood on BBC.
carra said…
I don't know if I believe i UFO's and aliens, but I believe that it would be very vain of us to think that we are the only intelligent creatures in this vast universe, however it simply means, that somewhere in another system there may be a planet with intelligent creatures living on it and that's all no, visits no implanting stuff. That is simply rubbish. However there could be some other life living happily going to work and having children somewhere else and if this makes me looney so be it!

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