scritch ... scritch ...

I think I have mice in the house.

I'd found two dead mice in the basement last September, but saw nothing to indicate there might be any others, despite paying extra attention to it.

Last Tuesday morning, when most Christian people are sleeping, I heard some scratching / scrabbling noise behind me as I lay in bed. (I sleep in a windowless room in the basement because it is nice and dark and quiet - my kids, who are with me in Ottawa over the summer, sleep upstairs in one of the bedrooms.) Later that morning I heard some scrabbling noise as I went into the laundry room.

Wednesday night I heard quite a bit more scrabbling noise and even something that sounded like purring or growling. That was enough to send me upstairs to sleep.

Last night, it sound like they were running in the ceiling above me - except the basement ceiling is unfinished, so it must have been a trick of sound reflection. Anyway, I decided it was better to sleep upstairs and so I dragged the mattress upstairs. Tonight I'll probably bring the futon frame upstairs.

Now I will have to pull the panelling off the walls and any drywall that has been put up and remove the raised floor. I guess I am going to be renovating a little sooner than expected. sigh.


mattbg said…
Seems like a very strange time of year for mice to move in! I thought they normally moved in in the autumn?
Richard said…
mattbg: so did I.
I'll send my cats!
It always amazes me how litle critters sound like horses inside walls and such!
carra said…
Where there is one (or two in this case) there always will be more. Mice like to stick around in the same house for quite a while, so don't be surprised that they may have moved in last autumn and stayed with you since. I'm afraid of them even if they are so innocent. I think getting a cat in for a week would help more than any exterminator and it's the more natural way anyway...

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