What brings people here

May and June saw a great upsurge in people searching for this SPAM. Normally, it makes up about half the search hits. During those months I saw it go up as high 85% of search hits. At the snapshot I have taken, it was making up 72% of search hits.

I have highlighted in YELLOW two search hits that made me wonder what people are really looking for.


tin-tin said…
mine, people view my blog coz of a store i have featured once. and spa.

how are you? :)
acey said…
people come here for interesting information, apparently.

i like your blog, too, richard, because you're my friend and it updates me of your life. i find quite a lot of interesting things shared here, too. and i learn at the same time. :)
Richard said…
tin-tin: yeah, sometimes innocent posts get all the attention. I'm doing all right. Trying to find my blog voice. Not sure exactly what I want to do with it.

acey: thank you. I fear my blog is becoming a little less interesting since I since I have lost interest in venting my soul. I don't think I've written anything new in a while; certainly no major (oh, one of Richard's weird ideas) pieces in a while. Maybe I will have something shortly (actually, I've wanted to post it for a while, but haven't gotten around to it).
ok, I'll give you a million somethings if you tell me how you obtained that information. I hear people talk about it, but I only get glimpses on my visitor's log on my blog. I'm too technosilly to figure it out. *sigh*

(nice blog by the way, I'm coming back soon. even if the search stuff remains an unattainable secret).
Richard said…
jnrr: I use a free service called StatCounter. It tracks your last 500 visitors, lets you see where they came from, which search terms landed them on your blog, etc. To make it work, you need to add a little snippet of code to your blog template. It can be a visible tracker, it can also be an invisible tracker. I use it in invisible mode.

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