Guess I am not going to be buying any books for a while.

I was laid off last Wednesday (27-August-2008) - for economic, not performance reasons.

Not that I am upset or shocked or dazed and confused. It was a great company to work for, I was well treated and respected. I had no complaints (except that possibly the work was not always as stimulating as I hoped).

It renders some decision making a bit easier. Clearly I will be moving to Montreal now, instead of Sofia coming to Ottawa.

Sofia and my dad (especially my dad) seem more shocked by this than I am. My dad even dropped by on the weekend to try and cheer me up, gave me the "blessing in disguise" sermon. I don't believe in blessings in disguise. I don't think God plays mind games with people. "Oh look, you have cancer. Isn't that a blessing in disguise?" Erm ... no.

Sofia is wondering what happened. "They loved you. You said the company was doing well. It is so cold and brutal." Well, yeah, they did like me and they treated me well. Yes, the company, as a whole, is doing very well. When I started 8 years ago, they were around a $200 million / year company. I believe they are on track to do $3 billion this year. The problem is that the particular facility I worked at was counting on landing some Canadian Navy contracts. With the cancellation of the JSS program, a lot of their hopes are dashed.

Is being laid of cold and brutal? Not really. Once you are let go, you are escorted out of the building (policy). After all, they don't want some employee, in a fit of emotional pique, erasing their hard disk, stealing company secrets, destroying work, etc. Understandable, if unfortunate.

What am I going to do in the next little while? Enjoy being at home. Take the kids to school, be at home at the end of the school day for them.

My dad seemed mortified that I have not been scouring the help wanted adds. That I am not hitting the pavement with both feet looking for work, angling for leads. Erm ... well, I am busy. Right now, I have to fix up the house in Ottawa to get it ready for resale. Over the past two days, I have filled 17 yard waste bags with, well, yard waste and I am still not done. Amazing how much yard work piles up over 4 years of inattention.

We could be in a better fiscal position (can't we all), but we will survive for the time being.

I look forward to detoxing and then opening a new chapter in my life.


KayMac said…
Richard...I am sorry. I will be praying for the absolute best for you and your family.
Travis Erwin said…
That sucks. Hope things work out for you.
mattbg said…
Sorry to hear about that, Richard. I know what you mean about the parental reaction, though. It's almost as if they don't know that a great many people these days change jobs quite quickly and easily and pretty much expect things like this to happen going in.

I hope you enjoy the break, and good luck finding something else.
carra said…
I am not sorry. I think it is a great thing that you can look at this in a such a positive way. It's life and you are simply moving on. If you're happy that you can do other things, then be happy and I will be happy for you. i am sure you will find another great job.
Cavalock said…
dont worry...happens to the best of us. take a break, am sure there's another great job waiting just around the corner.
I like how you put that: "detoxing and ..." because you never sounded very happy or fulfilled there.
I think this will not be a disaster at all. You may even have time to try some of your ideas for inventions/patents etc.
You will have $ from selling in Ottawea, and have way more quality time with Sofia and the kids...which counts for a lot at your stage. I'm kinda glad for you, Richard. Enjoy and I hope you find some fulfillment
Richard said…
kaymac: thanks. I need prayers to help me focus and find my calling.

travis: it is not as bad as it seems. I think it is a good opportunity and better for them to have made the move than for me. Although, the economic events of this week make me wonder if I might not have trouble further down the line - or are these other opportunities?

mattbg: there is a definite mentality among some people that without a job you are a non-entity. I am hoping this will spur me to pursue some personal interests.

carra: thanks! Not it is not a disaster (though, check back in 6 months). I am now free to pursue new directions and options. I only hope I do not squander my time.

cavalock: it is not a great job I want, it is a fulfilling vocation.

MOI: I should clarify, I was not unhappy there. The company was and (I believe) still is a great place to work. The problem was that I was unfulfilled. Working 9-to-5 is not my idea of a fulfilling life. The unfulfillment lead to unhappiness and disatisfaction in the rest of my life. Hopefullly, I will be able to focus on realizing my potential and not squander my time.
freckled-one said…
Richard, that must have been a shock to you. It'll be an opportunity for you to find what you really enjoy. I love that you'll be taking the kids to school for a while! You've already begun to ground yourself by working on your yard. Nothing gets you back to basics faster than kids and greenery.
aka R'acquel said…
If shit didn't happen, no one would've invented toilet paper to make bottom-wiping a lot more comfortable compared to using sticks & twigs. That's what i love about it.

Wishing you well with the time-out. Hope it inspires invention, something different & something new to enjoy.

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