Yard waste bags are not created equal

I hate Home Depot yard waste bags. Every single one I have used has torn. I cannot even tamp down the yard waste in it without the sides splitting.

I find the ones sold at Canadian Tire or Loblaws to be much more robust. Heck, I can jump on them and the don't rip.

Makes me wonder were Home Depot gets theirs, because there cannot be that many different manufacturers of yard waste bags.

[This was prerecorded]


carra said…
It's not where they get them from it's how much they pay for them. The cheaper the bag the thinner the plastic. I have noticed it over here in Lithuania. One company is obviously making a bigger profit from their bags than the other.
Richard said…
carra: they are large, double-ply, 1 metre high, brown paper bags. They feel the same to the touch (maybe I should measure the thickness with my micrometer). The Home Depot bags seem more ... brittle.

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