That was an interesting question

Found this as one of the search terms leading to my blog:

"do you need sunscreen to protect against fluorescent lights?"

My answer is: No. If they are high UV emitting fluorescent's, then your best option is to turn them off, leave the area, or dress up.

I still maintain that sunscreen is carcinogenic. Over the past 30 years or so that sunscreens have been heavily promoted, the incidence of skin cancer has significantly increased (not decresed). A little bit of sun is good for you, a lot can be damaging. Potect yourself by wearing loose fitting clothing and staying in the shade. Roasting yourself in the full sun, like a turkey being browned, is just plain foolish.

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carra said…
I totally agree. I have been hiding from the sun for years, trying to avoid as much contact as possible, no one seems to get me. When I tell people that sunlight speeds up the aging process they do not appreciate my fair skin. People are strange.
mattbg said…
Queries can be funny :) Last week, I had this one: black people allowed on facebook&meta=
mattbg said…
And, I agree about what you said about sunscreen. The thing that concerns me the most about it is how difficult it is to remove. It doesn't come out in the laundry very easily, yet this stuff soaks into your skin and then bakes. Better to just use your natural defences and stay out of the sun if your skin can't handle it! You'll get all of the health benefits just from travelling between shady spots.

I wonder about sunglasses, too... as with sunscreen, they remove the symptoms, but do they stop the damage?
Richard said…
carra: don't hide completely from the sun. It has many beneficial effects (notably producing vitamin D, which is being shown to be a potent anti-carcinogen). On the other hand, burning yourself in the sun is foolish.

mattbg: I am not concened about the emulsion the TiO2 is mixed in (just a thick grease). I suspect sunglasses are safe, since they block the UV - the effect is akin to sitting by a window (which absorbs UV). However, IR can also be damaging, so it may give some people a false sense of safety.
freckled-one said…
I love being out in the sun, not to bake my skin but just to feel the warmth and to soak up some vitamin D. There really is a difference when the sun has been covered for days. I'm glad to have read about the sunscreen.. thanks for sharing. My son has been telling me for a while that it causes cancer and it's been in the back of my mind everytime I pull out that little bottle. I think I'll stop using it.

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