Lateral Thinking

My kids like pancakes. Especially my boy.

Unfortunately, I am often called upon cut up the pancakes. I used to use a fork and knife, but it is too difficult (the initial cuts are fine, but the perpendicular cuts are trickier, since the pieces slide around). I then hit upon the idea of using a pizza cutter. This works much better and is faster.

This morning, my wife caught Jason using the pizza cutter to cut his pancake. Her immediate reaction was to tell him this is wrong and he should be using a knife instead.

Naturally I intervened and said it was better to use the pizza cutter. My wife responded with the typical arguments of "That's not the way it is done. He has to learn how to do it properly." blah, blah blah.

I think applying creative solutions to problems is a good thing. My wife worries about "normalcy". sigh.


ingrid said…
Don't worry. I use scissors for toast.
Richard said…
Cool, although, I have to confess, I just use a knife.
ingrid said…
They are big and fast. Best done before buttering though.

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