Marking Territory

I baked a batch of muffins yesterday. Since the oven is on the fritz, I used the microwave - and I think they came out well, if not browned. I bought an extra small metal muffin pan (4 muffins at a time), since microwaving in just the paper cups results in non-muffin shaped muffins. I had thought about buying one of those silicon baking trays, but went with metal. Hint, it takes about 3 minutes to nuke those muffins at full power.

Anyhow, returning to my topic ...

Jason, for some obscure reason has just decided to take a bite out of each muffin. I can only imagine this is some sort of instinctive urge to mark his territory and property. I had left him alone for less than 5 minutes and WHAM! every muffin has been bitten.

For those who don't have kids, they are extremely fast and energetic - they can expend an enormous amount of energy in an incredibly short period of time. For example, it is not uncommon for me to go upstairs to fetch something (say some cookies or milk), return downstairs and find all the cushions removed from the sofas and scattered, DVD's and videos strewn across the room, and a box or two of toys emptied. How long does this take? Less than 5 minutes. There is no force more powerful in nature than an unsupervised child.


busybee said…
Richard said: There is no force more powerful in nature than an unsupervised child.

Yes... so we need to manage the environment to mange the child (from an early childhood educator's perspective).

The worst I have seen was a child marking his 'territory' on another child's body parts. *ouch*
Richard said…
Fortunately, my kids are not biters (at least when it comes to other children).

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