Woo! Hoo! Three weeks of feeling good!

For some thoroughly unexplained reason, my mental and emotional moods are far better than they have been for the past two years.

It is strange (and very refreshing) to have switched out of 'flight' mode and be able to 'move' again.

Ok, ok, maybe I'm not exactly turning cartwheels yet. I am still worried that I may be fragile. But if this keeps up, I definitely feel I can move forward with my life again.


Barbara said…
Hey Richard. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Everyone had some great insights about the lack of comments. I guess everyone has his or her reasons for not commenting. When I wrote the original post I didn't expect anyone to say much. Apparently this is a hot topic in the blogging world!
As someone who has dealt with depression most of my life I can understand how great "normal" can feel. I have been on an upswing for over a year now but it is a careful balance of knowing what I need and what to avoid. I know I need at least 8 hours of sleep a night and I also use light therapy because as you know it is dark a good part of the year here in Canada. I avoid negative people and try to surround myself with people who have a positive affect on my life. It isn't always as easy as it sounds. My nana died of Cancer last year then my mom was diagnosed in February.
Being fragile is not a bad thing. Knowing that you are is half the battle. I hope you keep moving forward. ;)
God Speed
Richard said…
I tend to randomly wander through the blog-o-sphere, occasionally dropping comments if something catches my fancy. So far, no one has dropped comments on my blog (except for a friend who inspired me to blog and a random fellow named zoot - I think).

I am not used to feeling 'under the weather' as it were. I remember the first time I felt blue - I was 22, it came upon me on a Saturday afternoon and had left by evening. It was a curious and unusual experience for me.

The first time I felt despondant I was 29, this lasted 2 weeks (with a few months of lingering effects).

Everything was okay with me until September-2003, when I physically started feeling ill. This was mingled in with wanting to get away, change my life, etc. But, it never completely lifted. September through November 2004 was brutal - a period I would definitely describe myself as depressed (or at least reeeeaaalllly unhappy, unmotivated, and overwhelmed).

Although that passed, the problem is that I never bounced back. So far, things are looking good.

I am sorry to hear of the personal tragedies in your family.

Take care of yourself and perhaps we shall exchange comments sometime again - or not...

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