Today I married my friend ...

"Today I married my Friend...the one who shares my hopes and dreams. This is my beloved and this is my friend."

I am 9 years married today.

I have a wonderful wife and two beautiful children - a family of my own. A precious treasure of more value to me than all the wealth in the world.

A seed was planted and a beautiful garden has sprung.


Ms. Q said…
Wow, congratulations!
DeeJay said…
Congratulations! I wish you 90 more. :)
dandan...™ said…
Maybe I shldn't be so depressed thinking dat guys nowadays are not keen in serious r/s, but this is really what I saw.They rather look for sex partners,flings..what's all this? I'm abt to gif up seeking for "true love" and happened to write up ur blog..
You make me feel so 幸福..
You make feel dat..there's still true love existing in this world..
You make me believing in..True love won't not go away even after 5yrs,10yrs..20yrs..
Richard said…
Thanks for visiting dandan, I am glad that I was able to lift your spirits (but you must translate Chinese characters for me - I can only manage Indo-European languages, preferably English, French, or Spanish, but I can muddle through most of the others).

If you want to find true love, then you must build it on a foundation of friendship. It might take a long time, I didn't have my first (and only) girlfriend until I was 29.

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