The opposite of love is ... ?

The classic answer is hate. Unfortunately, it is wrong.

The opposite of love is indifference.

Love and hate are two powerful emotions of deep care and concern for an individual (one is concerned with the good of the person, the other with the harm).

As human beings, we all need relationships. To not have friends and companions is painful for us. So we get into relationships (friendship, romantic, or otherwise) because we need them. We need to know someone cares.

Interestingly enough, it doesn't seem to matter if the person cares for us in a positive or negative way - just as long as they care. As long as they devote their attention to us.

This is the only answer I can come to regarding why so many people get into bad relationships and don't leave - worse yet, cling to them.

indifference is the opposite because it is not caring, unlike love or hate which are about caring.

Epitaph: I died alone ... without even a tormenter for company.

My emotional and mental state are good - so don't read anything into that last line. I just thought it sounded nice.


I love this blog. I agree with you that Indifference is the opposite of Love. Cos when you start hating someone, it means you still feel something for that person. Thus hate is as strong as love. Thanks for a great entry. :)
Richard said…
I have to confess that this insight is not my own, it was given to me by a very wise Japanese friend I, sadly, lost touch with 10 years ago.
People still cling onto the bad relationship coz they are afraid.. afraid being alone... afraid they cant find another to luv them,

N for their time & effort they spent into the relationship, it's not tat easy to let go..

I know; I was once a part of them.

It takes an enormous effort to walk out of that relationship, n till now I have no regrets.
Bee said…
Yes, "indifference" is the right word to sue when one has fully "let go" of a past relationship... no more feeling of love or hate.

Thank God that He gave me strength to be "indifference" once I regard a relationship is over. I will still care for that person as a friend, just like I care for my other friends, but with no romantic attachment.
freckled-one said…
I was in a bad relationship and I know I didn't stay because of needing his caring. I stayed out of fear and a lack of self esteem. It was as though I thought I didn't deserve better or worse yet that deserved the horrible treatment I received. My friends cared enough to warn me to get out and eventually I listened.

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