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About me

I am lost. In the journey of life, I have followed my own path for 39 years, and as I now look around, I discover I am alone and with no idea where I am.
I have much to be thankful for.
I wish I were independently wealthy.
I hate dishonesty and deception.
I fear that I will die without having accomplished and achieved all that I could have.
I hope that things will always work out.
I hear the fan of my computer and keys clicking as I type.
I wonder about pretty much everything.
I regret nothing. I have always acted consistently with my core beliefs. This does not mean I do not sometimes wish things were different.
I love my children. There is nothing more endearing than ones own genetic offspring.
I always think.
I am not very materialistic. I enjoy fine things, but I am not driven to covet them.
I dance poorly and without feeling.
I sing to my children.
I cry when I am despondent or when I try to read "The Happy Prince" or "The Selfish Giant", by Oscar Wilde, to my kids.

Yes or no questions

You keep a diary? No - unless an intermittent blog counts.
You like to cook? Yes. I also like to eat.
You have a secret that you have not shared with anyone? In theory no, but in practice, only I know everything I have done or thought.

Do you...?

Want to get married? Moot question - I already am (9 years this 28-September-2005).
Get motion sickness? No.
Think that you are health freak? No.
Current hair color: Dirty blonde, with grey (not that it is noticeable).
Eye color: Indeterminate. Typically greenish, but if I wear a blue shirt, they look blue.
Birthplace: Sutton-in-Ashfield, Great Britain.
Favorite day of the week: any day I do not have to go to work.
Favorite song: Good Golly Miss Molly - but, to be honest, it depends on my mood.
Favorite season: Winter - but as I get older, I find myself liking late Spring or early Fall more.
Favorite drink: Pear juice - but since that is hard to come by ... orange juice, cranberry juice (often too sweet), milk. I consume water the most, though.

[edited on 27-September-2005 to link to where I borrowed this meme theme. Also corrected wedding anniversary date and a spelling mistake. Mea Culpa!]


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