Pictures of Ottawa

A little while back, I blogged about the view from my cubicle. Security gave me permission to take some pictures so I present them below, they are from left to right (I probably could have done a better panorama, but ... still ... I think they convey pretty nicely what I see everyday - at least in the Fall).

Here are some additional Fall photos from Ottawa taken in the morning at Strathcona Park:

Naturally, all images are copyrighted by me.


Oh, that is just gorgeous! And I'm so jealous of your view. If I had a view like that, I doubt I could get any work done though. :)
Richard said…
In the Spring, when the Canada Geese come, and have their young, I watch the little goslings waddle around and swim.

To be honest, it is in no way distracting from work. It is very peaceful and stress relieving.

Blogging is more distracting from work ;)
Oh these pictures are fabulous! Especially the fall ones - I totally love the orange hues and brown leaves.

I must say besides being a great writer, a philosophical, a great friend, you are also a fantastic photographer!! :)

Love your pics. Will keep it in my fav folders! If you would allow me, I would like to share them with my blog members - of cors crediting you accordingly! :P
by the way, have not seen you in my blog these few ok? Hope you are not upset with me or anything. If you are let me know. I have a knack for offending some friends recetly without knowing. And been quite harshly judged. So have been feeling really down....

Would appreciate if you can tell me if you think I am going overboard, rather than ignore me like what my friends did. Cos it hurts. :(
Richard said…
Elvina you worry for nothing, I am very hard to offend. And if you do offend me, you will know in no uncertain terms.

Another of my general philosophical outlooks is "There is no offense where none is taken." (this one is cribbed from Star Trek - The Original Series).

I do read blogs and I always read the blogs of those who comment here, but, the truth is that sometimes I really have nothing to contribute (and it makes me feel guilty because I get these wonderful comments on my blogs).

A general rule in human relationships and interactions is tit-for-tat (or reciprocation) - so I sometimes worry that my silence on other people's blogs will result in them slowly fading from mine. sigh.
We won't fade from yours Richard. Your absence has been greatly missed, has it not? :P
I think we must all feel a bit of that. I have the same worry, that my occasional silence may be interpreted as disinterest, when in fact it's usually just me being too busy to slow down and think of something thoughtful to say. (Which also explains why many of my comments sound as if they've come from the top of my head, which they usually have.) ;)

Oh Richard, I feel such an affinity with nature, and with animals in particular. If I had a view of little goslings waddling, I doubt I could take my eyes off of them. :) I have always loved Canada, though I've only been there a few times. I hope someday I am able to visit there again.
Ms. Q said…
That is gorgeous. I am totally envious, as I sit here in my windowless cubicle. =( Thanks for the pix!
Richard said…
MIO and Elvina: you guys (sorry, gals) are simply amazing in your steadfastness in reading and commenting on my blog. Thank you very much!

Sorry to make you envious ms. q, but ... you can always make it a wallpaper on your monitor or print them out and hang them on your cubicle walls. I used to hang pictures of wolves on my walls at my previous job.

I have to admit that my view does wonders for releasing stress during the work day. Too bad all work places can't be like this. I will miss it if I ever leave (unless it is to a house on the side of a mountain overlooking a lake ;-)
Bee said…
I wish I m in Canada now. :)
Richard said…
Actually Bee, you probably don't, most of the leaves are off the trees now - so the trees are mostly naked and things are not so beautiful. I'll see if I can't find some pictures of bare trees.

It is also getting colder. Today the high is supposed to be 4C - probably a bit chillier than you are used to ;-)

The best times to come to Canada, in my opinion, are Spring (May) or Autumn (mid-September to mid-October). This is when we are most colourful.
Bee said…
ah... i must take note of that. thanks. :)
ghee said…
oohhh my,awesome...
thanx richard for showing me ;)
Richard said…
ghee: couldn't figure out where you had commented, but eventually I figured it out :-)
carra said…
Can I borrow that view for a day?
Richard said…
carra: I don't mind if people take the pictures, just make sure appropriate credit is given.

Sadly, I lost that view, I changed projects and moved to a different part of the building where I now overlook a parking lot.

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