Childhood classics

When I was a kid growing up in Canada, Rocket Robin Hood and Spiderman were two classic cartoons put out by Canadian animation company (Krantz Films) in Toronto.

You can see the opening credits to both. I am pretty sure that Spiderman aired in the States, I am not so sure about Rocket Robin Hood though. I have a feeling that was distinctly Canadian fare.

Each Rocket Robin Hood episode was probably no more than 10 minutes long, but was stretched out to a full half hour by playing the same interlude pieces over and over again (there were maybe 8 or so interlude pieces).

Krantz had also done a cartoon version of Hercules back then, each episode was about 5 minutes long and was stretched by having on of the characters (a centaur) repeat his lines twice: "Hercules! Hercules! Look! Look! It's Daedelus! It's Daedelus!"

(they also made a number of historical vignettes featuring Max the 2000 year old mouse - "I know. I was there.")

This is the Rocket Robin Hood opening theme, unfortunately, you will need to go to YouTube to view it.

This is the classic 1967 Spiderman opening:


My machine played this in fits and starts but I kinda remember it. I used to watch Hercules way more. "That's me Herc! That's me!" I loved his ring! I remember the theme well.

I have no idea how you post songs. Could you post a song from a cd that you loaded on your computer under "My Music"? Could you use You tube for that?
Barbara said…
I only remember watching Loony Tune cartoons growing up. We were somewhat deprived in my little town.
RennyBA said…
Robin Hood was of course my hero when I was young and loved to play out in the forest. I made my own bow and arrows too:-) But Rocked RH?
*[[Yuki]]* said…
Is it cool living in Canada?
Richard said…
MOI: I used to watch Hercules too. Even as a kid, I always wondered why he waited until the very last minute to pull out the ring.

I am not sure how to post music or videos in blogger. I use links to other sites (like youtube and their like). Some sites have music playing in the background. I used to have some space noise playing in the background. I hosted the audio file on, but have since forgotten my password and they seem to have no facility for recovering it. One option I still need to look in to is as a place to put files that blogger can't handle. They offer free (and ad free) web hosting.

barbara: We had Loony Tunes as well (called "The Bugs Bunny and Road Runner Hour"). I grew up in Montreal, so we had CTV, CBC and could pull in snowy ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS - not to mention a few French language stations as well.

rennyba: I think The Adventures of Robin Hood with Douglas Fairbanks is the best version (although, Mel Brooks' Robin Hood: Men in Tights is good too). I was disappointed with the Kevin Costner version. For a young kid, Rocket Robin Hood was cool.

yuki: is it cool to live in Canada? I have lived here most of my life and I like it. While Canada is a big country, the populations are really concentrated in a few centres: Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton.

I like Ottawa best and Montreal comes in second place. I like them because of their multicultural atmosphere. I lived in Toronto for 2 years, but never liked it, and I still don't like it when I visit. I have no opinion on the other two cities since I have never been.

I have also lived out in the countryside - not quite as romantic as one might imagine.

In the winter Canada can be cold.

Whether Canada is a cool place to live depends on how you define cool.
Thanks...some day I'll get it together on one of these. I should ask Blogger Help Support group and just join it.
ghee said…
I havent seen Rocket Robinhood..

I loved Spiderman,of course!!Ive seen it a lot of times when i was a kid,too!
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