Racing to 5

Today is Jason's birthday. He s 5 years old (finally). He has been waiting for this day for months.

We had a small celebration yesterday with my parents for him. It was a good time.

I have taken the day off work today and later we will assemble a robot kit he got yesterday.

The picture was taken while we were in Peru this past summer.

Image is copyright of me.


Oh, to be turning 5! We could hardly wait to get to the next birthday when we were kids! That flatlined around age 29 for me!!! Although, another way to look at it would be for me to be thankful to embrace another year on this earth. It is a blessing to still be here. I have been given more than many others.
Coffee fairy said…
Happy birthday to JJ!!! He's so cute! He looks like a little Richard version :)
Prince Romp said…
Happy 5th Birthday to u Jason!

I agree with Coffee Fairy..He looks very much like u.
b said…
Happy Birthday to Jason!
ghee said…
Jason is soooo cute!!
Happy bday,Jason!!

i was surprised when I saw your comment that you celebrated his bday last Sunday.I thought he and Ally have the same bday :)

Jason is a truly angel :)
Anonymous said…
Happy 5th birthday to Jason! What a cute boy he is!
Richard said…
MOI: When I was younger, I only waited for the birthdays because of the presents. As I got older, it was because I wanted to finally be able to take my place in society, now ... I wish I could age backwards.

coffee fairy: thanks! He does look a lot like me, he also acts a lot like me at that age - can't sit still for a minute.

prince romp: thanks. The main difference between JJ at 5 and me at 5 is that I was blond with light eyes, he is dark with dark eyes. Often tease Sofia that his paternity is certain, but I am not so sure about his mother.

breal: thanks!

ghee: you are making me blush.

juliet ophelia: thank you, we think he is cute too (of course, as the parent, I would say that, wouldn't I?).
Jason is absolutely adorable. :)
Wonderful kids you have! Glad he had such a happy birthday!
Kate said…
Wonderful, joyful shot. 5 is a GREAT age; they're so civilized by that point. Be proud; he looks healthy and happy.
Richard said…
elvina: Thanks!

run around paris: yeah, I do have wonderful kids (ha ha, even if I say so myself).

kate: Jason is a very polite boy (although terribly active). My kids wnt to grow up as soon as possible, but they don't know how wonderful life is at this age.
freckled-one said…
How sweet... he's precious. Jason... hope you had a wonderful birthday. 5... such a big guy. Don't you just love the enthusiasm of kids wanting to be older?

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