Of curves and straight lines

There is something warm, inviting and elegant about spiral or winding staircases. Certainly, both Sofia and I would love to have a home with a majestic curved staircase.
For the time being, we have to make do with a simple straight stairwell.

Pictures nabbed from here and here.


RennyBA said…
Me and Diane are wishing the same, but as long as the sairs takes you to the next level, we have to cope with it:-)
There is something magical about them. I always picture some girl coming down them in a prom or wedding dress, or a tall christmas tree coming up through them at all levels! My friend just moved into a "palace" and has one of these that starts at the basement and goes to the 2nd floor with beautiful "Phantom of the Opera" chandeleirs at every level. Such opulence is not my style but it is beautiful.

We have an old house (1921) with a staircase so tight as it turns on the landing, Sleep Country had to bring out new bed up over the outside balcony and into the summer bedroom!

I've always wanted a house with a fireplace and still don't have it, but it's in the near future of the "doable"!
ghee said…
I love spiral stairs,too!thats one of my dreams :)

your stairs are the same as here in Japan,its not bad though :)
busybee said…
spiral staircases are nice for our eyes, but straight staircases are nice for our legs. :D
Lunafish said…
Curvy ones are spectacular. I stayed in a small house in the Keys once that had a small spiral staircase up to the loft bedroom. It was kind of a scary going up because the spiral was tight with small steps.
My new house has stairs, up a few to a landing, then up a few more to the second floor.
Ancilla said…
the spiral will be a nice one if we already have the big house :)

and we should be careful to step in that kind of stair.
Richard said…
rennyba: let us hope that in future you shall have to cope with graceful, curved ones.

MOI: we have a fireplace in both homes, but rarely use it. I think the last time we used the fireplace was back in 2000 or so.

ghee: straight staircases are practical and use the least space. But I am sure if you hunt around, you can find curved ones in Japan too.

bee: I think it depends on how twisted the stairs are. A gentle half or quarter turn to the second floor would be nice. I have no interest in climbing a corkscrew.

lunafish: I thinking of a more gentle curve rather than a upward spiral. Mind you, aside from a ladder, they conserve space very well.

ancilla: thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Certainly a bigger house, with more space and gentler curves would be nice. I am not convinced that a curved stairs are necessarily more dangerous. An alternative could be a staircase that sweeps downward, i.e. it starts wide at the bottom and gently narrows in a curvy way towards the top.

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