Anthony! Anthony! Anthony! Always Anthony!

I have mentioned before that Anthony de Croud is the most popular search term landing people to this blog. Sometimes makes me wonder if I should delete the post and references to it.

Today, someone left an anonymous message on my blog - incongruously placed in my post Thirty Days Hath September

My best guess is that it was placed by a robot which crawls the web looking for references to Anthony de Croud and then posts this:

Anthony Le Croud: I have received a card from you saying that good luck will follow if i resend the card. (Chinese proverb) If you are a missionary, what kind of missionary are you. If you are a Christian missionary i have good news for you: Christians don't believe in luck. They trust in the Lord. Unfortunately you are placing curses on people by saying bad luck will follow if they do not do as the card says. I break the curse you place on me in the Name of Yeshua and hope that you will forgive me for my bluntness. Have a blessed day and may you find peace in the Lord.

Posted by Someone who cares

I guess someone is taking the e-mail too seriously and feels they need to take proactive steps to expunge the curse.

The opening is odd. Do they think I am Anthony de Croud? Or do they think they are addressing Anthony de Croud from my blog?

For those who are concerned about chain letters, they are not real. They are designed to prey upon irrational fears and hopes. You can safely ignore them and nothing will happen.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and help out some poor Nigerian widow move some money out of her country and then go collect my Internet Lottery Sweepstakes winnings.

Note: I am neither the originator, nor author of the e-mail. I received it in my inbox just like everyone else does. While scratching for an idea, I decided to post it, along with an English translation (I received it in Spanish) and some commentary. End of story. Nothing to see. Move along and get a life.

I think it is a robot because the poster's address was


Barbara said…
That's pretty creepy when robots start posting comments...
Richard said…
It is no different from the ones that post messages along the lines of: "Hey, nice site. Really interesting info. Here is another one you might like #link#."

In this case, it is simply targeting a specific set of keywords. Or, maybe I am drawing a false conclusion.
I hate those kind of intrusions on the blog or e-mail.
Richard said…
Is it really any different from the telemarketer who calls you between 18:00 and 20:00? Or the people who come around to check that you are getting the best deal on natural gas or electricity?

As long as the noise does not bury the content, it does not really bother me.

Or, to put a positive spin, it is one more hit on my counter.
No, I admit,it's less intrusive....I REALLY hate getting phone calls for frozen meat (I tell them I'm vegetarian!)or steam cleaning rugs (I tell them we just have hardwood floors)or from SPRINT or The Toronto Star (although I have taken them up on some good deals)
I'd never work as a telemarketer!

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