Cold Feet

One of the things I notice when driving long distances in the winter is that my toes get cold; even if I am directing the warm air to the floor. The car gets toasty, but my toes are still cold.

This only happens when the temperature outside is below –20C or so. It was –24C when I left this morning from Montreal to Ottawa - felt like –37C with the wind chill, but that is of little consequence while inside the car.


My feet stay cold too, but I thought that was just because of all the neuropathy in my feet. We got a dump of snow with wind last night so all buses were cancelled today. It is's making up for starting late this year!
Barbara said…
Brrr! I think more than my toes would be cold in weather that cold.
KayMac said…
W/ those temps, i am surprised that only your toes are cold! you should get those socks that hunters wear...battery operated and they heat up your feet.
RennyBA said…
Hi, you have even colder weather than in Norway, but as you know: we've finally have gotten the lovely winter and snowy weather.
Try boots with thick socks on buddy:-)
b said…
That happens to me from time to time too (although, our weather is not as cold down here at all) and I find myself wiggling my toes like crazy so that they don't become entirely numb!
tin-tin said…
okay.. i'll just make up a comment.. isn't it that the feet are the ones easily cold? heheeh ;p
TorAa said…
Why not knit a little mitten for the pedals. Must be grandmas dream to knit something new and really useful. LoL.
ghee said…
-20C?goshhh,I`ll be freezing..not only my toes but all over me :)

quality winter tires are really essential for your car :)
be safe...
Raquel said…
Hi Richard, if you feel this way, that is good to keep you awake, hehehe.

Toraa was right! LOL!
Richard said…
MOI: I think the air just doesn’t circulate very well down there.

barbara: it is all a matter of dressing warmly. Moving around is fine, sitting (or standing) still is when you feel it the most.

cavalock: I mostly do. I make sure I drive very, very quickly to outrun any possible hazards in the road ;-)

kaymac: hmmm … battery powered socks. Would I plug them into the cigarette lighter or would they have a stand alone battery pack?

rennyba: I think it is just the lack of circulation and movement that results in chilled toes.

breal: there is only so much toe wriggling one can do while driving safely.

tin-tin: oh, I don’t know. Sometimes people have cold hands too.

toraa: maybe that would become a must-have fashion accessory.

ghee: doesn’t it get cold in Japan? I know you have snow in parts.

raquel: I can think of better ways to keep awake than freezing my toes.

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