Speaking with Sofia last night, she told me that I have a reputation to maintain at her office. Apparently the women are giddy with anticipation about her receiving flowers tomorrow - it appears that I am the only one who ever sends flowers to his missus.

I have elected to send something similar to the displayed arrangement (I say similar because I am never sure if the arrangement looks exactly the way it is photographed - think of the contrast between hamburgers seen in ads and the haphazardly dressed patty you get between two squashed buns).

Image nabbed from here


Barbara said…
Am I ever impressed! I've rarely ever received flowers from any significant other and NEVER in my office. Lucky Sofia!
ghee said…
Lucky Sofia!That`s soooo beautiful!! :)

ans yes,I do agree that the fotos do not match in real sometimes.
Happy Valentine`s Day,Richard and Sofia :)
b said…
Beautiful flowers, Richard!
Richard said…
barbara: I think it has more to do with our circumstances, that we work in different cities and only see each other on weekends. I am pretty sure that if we were in the same city, she would not be getting flowers at the office.

ghee: Sofia says the arrangement is similar to the photo, except the large flowers in the front have been replaced with orchids.

breal: thanks. Sofia thinks so too.
Good for you, Richard...I'm glad you do this for Sofia...she deserves it! It must be difficult to keep your act together in your situation.Have a great day!
KayMac said…
What a wonderful example you are. Happiest Day to you and your wife!
Richard said…
MOI: thanks!

kaymac: as mentioned to Barbara, I would likely be less of an example if we lived in the same city.
Anonymous said…
Those flowers are really nice! How I wish there can be just one time when someone sends flowers to my office too! Happy belated Valentine's Day to both of you!
You are indeed quite a romantic and sweet lover eh?

In Singapore, men have lost all sense of chivalry and romanticism. They feel that once you get together as a couple, the honeymoon period is over. You do not need flowers to remind her how much you love her or think about her.

Once you get married, it gets worse. They feel they have done you a great favour by marrying you and taking you off the shelves, so don't even dream about getting flowers. You should be grateful washing his clothes and having his babies.

It's nice to see a man treasure his wife, and to be pampered and showered with love. Even for a day in a year.

As far as I know, our men are too practical, too stingy, too unromantic and simply too chauvinistic to be caught showering love.

I envy Sofia. Totally.
Richard said…
juphelia: thanks. Maybe someday someone will. Sending flowers is very expensive, though - cheaper to buy them and hand deliver them. Then, with the money saved, you can be taken out to lunch. Not possible in my current situation.

elvina: I think it is because most people do it differently from me. I never accepted the notion of trying to "bribe" a woman in the beginning. I always believed I should be accepted for who I am. Later things could develop.

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