For the past while I have been noticing more and more people with things stuck in their ears as they shop, drop their kids off at school, or otherwise go about their daily routine. I think they look really silly.

It is even worse when it is actually on and they are blabbing away in public, staring straight ahead. I wonder if they could be marketed a product that cleans their teeth and freshens their breath with "vigorous foaming" action while they talk?

I can see were handsfree bluetooth headsets might be practical, but does the average person really need to be wearing one while squeezing a mango and yammering away? Does the average person really need to be connected / available 24/7?

So, if you are one of those with a bluetooth stuck in your ear, sorry, but I think you look silly. I thought it looked silly back in the original Star Trek series.

Disclaimer: this rant comes from someone who doesn't even own a cell phone.

Images nabbed from here and here.


Hey, I saw one the other day worn by a clerk in NIKE and I didn't even know what it was till now! I'll be wearing something similar in about 1 week when I get my first ever hearing aids that hok onto the back of your ear so they don't plug your ears. Maybe I'll have to decorate them with sticker jewels!

We just got a cell phone last year and I've only used it stays in the car!
Coffee fairy said…
hehehe, I am also still not used to people using bluetooth, I still have second look at people who I thouhght were talking to themselves, only to see they are using hands free device on talking on their cellphone . I don't have a bluetooth but I do use my earphones on talking on my cellphone sometimes. I think it looks less silly than the bluetooth :)
tin-tin said…
i'm not used to those using the blouetooth coz sometimes when i see them (and don't notice) the headset, i will think that they are crazy. hehehe.

get a cellphone and also a bluetooth. so it'sthe turn of others to laugh at you. wahehe ;p
Richard said…
MOI: It must be no fun becoming hard of hearing. Mind you, I am sure my dad is because he often doesn’t respond, or responds incorrectly. I did have a deaf English teacher in university.

coffee fairy: I am just not used to people constantly talking on the phone. I see little use for being constantly in touch and accessible. One of my favourite cell phone moments was in a mall where a guy was talking on his cell and then switched to a payphone to continue his conversation.

tin-tin: I think it is rude to be talking out loud to so everyone can hear you. Don’t people have any sense of privacy anymore? Sorry, tin-tin, but I see no reason to get a cell phone.
b said…
Yes, these also bug me. I do appreciate the convenience of owning such, but they just irritate me so much that I refuse to own one. I have a hands-free earpiece for my cell phone with a chord that attaches to my phone (came with my phone) that I've used several times at home or in the car. It is nice not to have to crink my neck to talk but I just don't enjoy talking on the phone for very long...and I certainly am not looking for a reason to use my phone more frequently!
Richard said…
breal: you must have posted something terribly naughty on your blog recently because I can't access it from work. It gets blocked by the Internet filters.
busybee said…
sometimes i may mistaken these people for having Schizophrenia :P

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