"God is going to be pretty good."

When I was pitching Joan of Arcadia, a studio executive asked me if Joan would be "heroic" in nature. I said, "No, she’s a teenager, so she’s narcissistic, sulky, self-obsessed.” The executive said, “Well, I’m having trouble finding the good guy in all this," to which I replied, "Well, God is going to be pretty good." - Barbara Hall

Found here in Chapter 3.


i can't found the film here :(
i like your title. it's just so timely for me. when i opened your site, i was just taken aback with it. hehehehe :)

and re your comment in my blog.. you literally played with fire? i'm just glad you didn't burn anything :)
Lot more here than first meets the eye!
Haha. That is great!
Hope its okay just to be here for wishing you a great end to your week:-)
ancilla: it is a TV show. I have never seen it, so I cannot say how good (or bad) it is. You might finds links to online copies of it here.

tin-tin: glad I timed that well. Yes, I have always been fascinated by fire (isn't everyone?)

kaymac: perhaps. I thought it was pretty good. You just have to get in the mood of someone pitching their series idea to a TV producer.

breal: I thought so too.

rennyba: thanks for always remembering me and dropping by.
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