"Writers are hyperarticulate.

But they are not by nature friendly, sociable people. Writers are by nature people who observe other people being friendly and sociable and then go home and mock them.
They are also egomaniacs. But they express their egomania by bossing their characters around and creating worlds; in real life, they're used to not being listened to."
- Alex Epstein, Crafty TV Writing: Thinking Inside the Box

Image reused from a previous post, though I am still no more knowledgeable as to where I picked it up.


This is a common/popular stereotype and I know some writers who are like this, but also some who are fairly sociable.
If I were a writer, I'm sure I'd love to be sociable just for variety. Of course they have to get out there to simply observe what it's like so they can describe it in words when they create characters....unless all their characters are writers!!
Barbara said…
I have to hope not all writers are so callous!
b said…
Haha. What a stereotype! I always cringe when I witness someone lump a group together and throw labels on them. I suppose all engineers are the same, too? And librarians, artists, plumbers, farmers, etc.?
RennyBA said…
Don't you think this kind of putting everyone in the same basket? Not all writers might be so I think.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

Btw: Come on over - you've been tagged!
Richard said…
MOI: I don't know if it is a common stereotype or not. I always imagine writers as quite Bohemian and outgoing.

barbara: I thought it was a more sad than callous description.

breal: he is a writer and the book is actually quite good (assuming you want to write for TV). I have another writing quote (by a writer) I came across earlier this week (though it has slipped my mind completely) that I intend to post. He is saying this in the context of explaining how to manage a roomful of writers.

rennyba: yes, it is, but I still think it was humorous

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