Helena Maria Barbara

Today is my mother's birthday. She would have been 64. She died 361 days ago.

I went with the kids to church this morning to pray for her.

The photo is of her when she was 19.


Midas said…
Happy birthday to your mother...she was a lovely young woman.
Oh she looked really lovely. Happy Birthday Richard's mummy. God bless.
I've travelled down the same road... not that it changes anything
*Another hug*
Happy Birthday to your mom, Richard.

BTW, something's waiting for you. I've tagged you at my blog.. Please check it out :D See you there...

tin-tin said…
she died just days after her birthday?

but happy birthday to your mom. i know she's happy and peaceful :)
Ancilla said…
happy belated birthday to your beloved mom richard. she would be happy to celebrate her first birthday up there :)
A neat thing for you and the kids to do to keep her memory alive. She was a beauty. Kinda weird to see this picture when she had her whole life ahead of her. (Not just her...the same goes for pics of myself..I want to jump in the picture and go again from there!)up
Barbara said…
I'm glad you have this beautiful memory of your mother. I'm sure you miss her every day, but particularly at this time of the year.
Sweetiepie said…
Happy birthday to your mom!She is beautiful.:)Thanks for dropping by my blog.I am sure she's rest in peace.
aCey said…
you mother is beautiful! :)
Peko-peko said…
just stumble upon your site accidentally..coincidence..my mom's born on the same date :-)
RennyBA said…
Sorry for your loss but Happy Birthday anyway - what a great contribution to your Mom - she looks beautiful.

Wishing you a great end to your week :-)
Talamasca said…
She died kind of young-ish. 63. Wow. Just... wow.

Wherever she is right now, I'm pretty sure she's having a happy birthday since you're praying for her and all. :-)

Anyway, thanks for the blog drop! Come back anytime ok! Buhbye.
ghee said…
how time flies..its been a year already?

she looked so lovely in that picture,Richard.

Happy Bday to your mom :)


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