Yes, your willy can really grow beyond its current size!

Well, maybe not.

That was the title and opening words from a piece of SPAM in my inbox when I got into work. At least this one was honest.

Here are two others I found amusing

Attain your true masculinity by New Year!

Operating under a UN mandate in Iraqi waters.

Dont understand, hope you can help

Might be, for he suggested the idea and gave roseto? On the table, over which all three had been eagerly did not pass unnoticed by the crowd of girls won by her tender they stepped aside, ordered a silver oil-can, inlaid with gold

Sorry, I can't help you, I do not understand either.


b said…
We often joke about the humorous SPAM titles that we receive at work. That last one though.. I don't even know what to infer or think! Bizarre. What a welcoming way to return to work, huh?!
ingrid said…
You may like this. A woman makes art from spam:
Richard said…
breal: normally, I take a cursory glance at the bit of message Outlook shows me to see if there are any potential writing prompts in there (many SPAM contain a text body that is composed of randomly stitched together bits of sentences. Presumably in the hope that something sensible will come out the other end). Some potential prompts I have gleaned are:

- Celebrate 5 years of book burnings
- Eating gingerbread men
- Artificial beard - he is growing a real replacement for it
- But Steerforth was resolute
- Created a race of clones that lived, fighting a lone rear guard action against

ingrid: very good. It just goes to show that some people have far too much creativity and initiative. Got to remember to just do it instead of thinking what's the point of doing it. sigh.

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