Last Friday I registered Tania for a day camp at the Ecomuseum. I also took Jason there, but he was too young for the camp, so we just enjoyed a nice walk outside with the animals.

Photo credits: Richard of Forbidden Planet


b said…
What a nice outing!
Richard said…
It is a great little place. Very close to the house in Montreal. Not too large so as to be overwhelming (like the Toronto Zoo - which is awesome, BTW).

I like taking the kids to "educational" type things. Which is one reason I like Ottawa because there are a lot of museums.
What a great thing to do! I miss teaching for all the neat places we take kids..Black Creek Pioneer Village, Kortright Centre, Metro Zoo, St. Marie Among The Hurons, etc.
As we don't have kids, we never do these things but we should. Haven't been to the Tor.Zoo for 26 years!
Barbara said…
I always find it just a little sad to see animals in captivity, even when they try to make it as natural possible. Seems so unfair to restrict them.
KayMac said…
Amazing pics!
Richard said…
MOI: I don't think it is necessary to have kids to go. It just has to be something you are interested in going to. For myself, it is. I would have gladly gone, with or without the kids.

barbara: I too feel sorry for those which are obviously caged or alone (like the arctic fox), but these particular animals cannot be released into the wild either because of injury or human imprinting.

kaymac: it is larger in the summer because there are associated marshlands one can walk through (there are boardwalks to keep you from getting wet).
ghee said…
thats nice! a walk with Jason while watching that a tiger?why s he walking freely outside?is he harmless?
Yes, absolutely. I just have to initiate it! I love the Zoo so that's what I'm booking in the spring when the animals are more active.

We've been to the Haliburton Wolf Centre which was so neat.we obsrved for about 2 hours! We knew all their names by the end since the guide spent the whole time with us. You'd love it.
Richard said…
ghee: it is a lynx. It is bigger than a big cat, but smaller than a tiger (definitely smaller). It is not wandering outside. It was safely penned up, I just stuck my camera lens through the links in the fence.

MOI: yes, doing things is the trick. How to get motivated to do things is the real problem. Other nice places for kids include Prehistoric World near Morrisburg and Storyland near Renfrew.
b said…
I think it is great that you take your kids to educational places. I try to do the same with my niece when I can.
Richard said…
breal: yep, that's me - dull and academic. Actually, most of these places are a lot of fun ... if discovery turns you on.

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