Lest I leave you with the impression that Peru is dry and arid, I present for you some of the flora I took pictures of as well.
A red flower in Ica.
Rose in Ica.
Purple flowers in Ica.
Cactus berries in Ica.
Wide shot of cactus and berries.
Orange flowers at a zoo near Ica.
Colourful leaves at a zoo near Ica.
Rock garden at a zoo near Ica.
Vegetation in the Paracas National Reserve.
Wider shot of vegetation in Paracas National Reserve.
Scrub in Paracas National Reserve.
Wide shot of scrub in Paracas National Reserve.
Flowers in Paracas National Reserve.
Poinsetta outside aunt Cecilia's home in Lima.
Flowers outside aunt Cecilia's home in Lima.
Berries from above plant.
Orange flowers in Baranco, Lima.
White flowers in Baranco, Lima.

All pictures are copyright of me.


Kate said…
All the flowers are lovely, but I particularly like those with shades of pink.
Barbara said…
WOW! The color in the desert is the most remarkable always.
Richard said…
kate: thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. I think any flowers with vibrant colours are beautiful.

barbara: for all the dryness of the Paracas desert, it is still surprising to find life htere, including plants eeking out an existance, lizards, anything that flowers implies there must be insects or some other organism to poliinate. We even saw a pelican along the coast (of which I have a phot but did not post).

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