Sofia and the kids returned from their extended stay in Peru last night. I went back to Montreal (I work in Ottawa) to greet them. I arrived home around 17:45 and they arrived around 18:30.

It was very good to see them again, to hug them and to hold them. It is a different feeling to sleep in a house with people in it, rather than alone in an empty house.

I took the kids to the park and played with them a bit there, but Jason's bike got a flat so we returned home. I went with JJ to buy a new inner tube, which I had hoped to install last night, but didn't. It will have to wait until I return Thursday night.

Holding those we cherish in our arms is a very, very powerful experience.


Steve said…
Good for you. After reading your previous posts, I can understand how you've longed for it.
Barbara said…
There may come a time when the children are not so comfortable in your arms. Enjoy them while they are! Glad everyone is home safe and sound.
freckled-one said…
Wonderful to hear that your family are home with you again. I hope you're able to steal away as much time with them as you can.

Enjoy every second with them! And hug them all you like, it's helps them grow. =o)
Family time is the best - glad yours is home safe.
Yes, your last line is powerful in itself, in its simplicity, but it says it all. Reminds me of a favourite song I've taught kids in Gr. 3.."Hold On To The People You Love" (Bob Schneider)..Thay asked to sing it over and over, and did so with such spirit!
Richard said…
mattias: yes, I do love my family. The joy of having them is a unique experience that cannot be understood until you have it. It is very different from the love of parents or siblings or friends. It is an extension of self – whereas friends, parents, siblings provide an environment of comfort and belonging, a family is so much a sense of belonging as being a bigger me.

barbara: I know, I know, yet another reason to hate being away from them.

freckled-one: thanks! I do try to enjoy them, but let us be honest, sometimes I fall short. It is easy to dismiss this current moment as insignificant and to wait for a better moment later on. However, no matter what I do, this moment can never be reclaimed.

run around paris: I am happy they are safe too.

MOI: I may not be a very tactile person, but when it comes to my family, I am.

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