Keeping Fresh

If you are like me (which is unlikely), you probably large quantities of fruit and notice that some of them tend to go bad by weeks end. This is especially noticeable with small fruits like grapes, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries.

What I have found helps is to wash them when you get home (or at least rinse them), they seem to last until the end of the week without spoiling. (Of course, I have not done any controlled experiments by washing only half of them and then observing what happens, but my sublective opinion is that washing them seems to make them last longer).


ghee said…
Hi Richard!! Its been a while..

hmm.nice tip,ill try it and see the effect.
RennyBA said…
I'll try that too or maybe eat it all up before the end of the weekend LoL
Have a lovely week ahead:-)
Barbara said…
I've had just the opposite experience. If you wash something like raspberries and don't eat them immediately they seem to turn to slime. Eating the fruit quickly just as it ripens seems to be the best solution.
freckled-one said…
great suggestion. I'll have to try it. Berries seem to go bad the very next day in my fridge so I make the kids eat them that very day.
vina said…
i only buy bananas for us three at the flat. so no need for washing there, hehe.
Richard said…
ghee: hello ghee, it is nice to see you back!

rennyba: as mentioned, this is not a strictly controlled experiment, just my personal, subjective observation.

barbara: obviously eating them before they over ripen is the best option, however, I tend to try to buy for the week. Haven't bought raspberries in a while - I prefer them fresh out of the garden.

freckled-one: I thinkthe washing helps to get rid of some of the dirst and mold or whatever is one them. I don't have problems with big fruit like apples or pears.

vina: yeah, I buy bananas in a variety of ripening stages so they don't all turn black by weeks end.
Anonymous said…
Hi I have to try this ,Thanks for the tip
Wish you well He!He!He!
Steve said…
I buy a banana when I want one, an apple when I want one, a pear when I want one. Never store anything. That works for me.
Hi Richard:

I agree with you, for that reason I wrote "the most beautiful woman of the world" (entre comillas) because I think beauty is something totally subjective. Nobody has the absolute about what is beautiful or no. What I liked about Maju is that thanx to her crown, Trujillo was in the focus on the entire world.

Greetings from PerĂº
Wow, thanks Rachel Ray!


Kidding...that's a good tip.
tin-tin said…
hahaha. i like the answer of renny. i don't think we experience that at home. i guess, we consume the fruits easily. bananas don't last for three days with us :)
My pet peeve is food that goes rotten way before its time! I just threw out about 10 peaches, just bought on Sunday! All got mouldy and they were fresh from Niagara fruit belt! My other pet peeve is when deli meat goes slimy so quickly. I hear you are supposed to blot it with a paper towel as soon as you get it and store it in a container. Worth a try.
Richard said…
anonymous: thanks for dropping by and commenting!

matt I suppose JITP (Just In Time Purchasing) can work well, however it has to be weighed against the time required to make the purchase and the convenience. Sofia prefers it that way, but I can't be running to the store each time I want a piece of fruit.

run around paris: had to look up who Rachel Ray was. It seems to work for me

tin-tin: obviously eating up fresh fruit is always better.

MOI: I can empathize with the moldy peaches. They need to be consumed quickly. I suppose washing them (which is more inconvenient than washing a bag of grapes) might have helped. I have never had a problem with cold cuts going slimy - they should be eaten within about 5 days of opening. I always insist on having my cold cuts freshly cut, not taken from the precut pile.

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