Love is in the air

Noticed lots of swarming ants today.

Pointed them out to Jason and told him that all the prince and princess ants were flying off to find mates. His response was to stomp on them. He is very pragmatic when it comes to bugs - the sole of his shoe seems to be the general solution to any question involving bugs.

Image nabbed from here.


freckled-one said…
Haha... He sounds like my kind of guy. I have a designated bug killer in my house as well.
ghee said…
funny Jason,haha!

my daughters are so afraid of insects, youngest is afraid of ants,she`ll scream if she saw them.
Sidney said…
He, are the same everywhere.
I always try to explain to my son that every creature on earth has it's own right and purpose.
Richard said…
freckled-one: I am not sure he is the designated bug killer, but he certainly has a passion for stamping on them when he sees them.

ghee: Well, my kids (along with Sofia) are scared of bugs. I am not really bothered by them. I have no problem picking them up. I am trying to get my kids less afraid of them.

sidney: not sure if they are the same everywhere. I am trying to get them to understand that just because something is different, it does not necessarily merit being stomped on. It is important to teach them that everything has its function and we need to respect that.
vina said…
i'm a certified bug killer. but i don't stomp. i follow it around with insecticide spray. i don't care if i get poisoned by the chemicals.
Richard said…
Be careful you don't poison yourself - believe it or not, the same chemical mechanism that works to kill the ant (or other insect) works just as effectively on you.

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