A short ways out of Ica there is a place called Huacachina Lagoon. As the rest of the area, it is a desert with little vegetation. However, there is this remarkable little oasis in the middle of it.

You can rent snowboards to snowboard down the sandy dunes, but from what I saw, it did not work well. Furthermore, trudging through the soft shifting sand was not exactly easy - worse yet if you were trying to climb uphill, but, for the young, whose eyes are wider than their wisdom, seem to view the mountains of sand as something to overcome.
Sand, sand, sand
Even more sand, as far as the eye can see
But what is this?
A little oasis
A place to rest the weary bones under the shade of a tree
You can also take a dune buggy tour of the area. We did not.

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Wow, that oasis is amazing! How cool!
Richard said…
Actually, it was pretty hot :)
Barbara said…
This desert looks like the REAL thing! Is this just outside of Lima? Is the desert a source of minerals or anything useful to the country? Very cool pictures!
Richard said…
It is definitely the real thing! It is about 250Km outside of Lima (about 20 minutes from Ica). The whole Lima, Pisco, Paracas, Ica, Nazca, Arequipa corridor is desert.

Peru is very rich in minerals, but that area is not mined. Mining is diffocult because so much of Peru is mountainous.

This region is one of the driest in the world (a few hundred Kms south is the Atacam desert in Chile - which is the driest region on earth - some parts of which haven't seen rain since record keeping began). The reason for the dryness is that the ocean and air are too cold for any significant evaporation to occur, as well the Andean maountain chain affects the weather pattern to block moisture from the land, despite it bordering th epacific ocean). Just wait for my picture of Paracas (from the Quechua meaning Sand Rain)
Steve said…
Wow! Those pictures are amazing. Love the oasis!
freckled-one said…
These are great pictures, it's not often you happen across a real oasis. =o)
I didn't know Peru was so much of a desert. Good to see they have the oasis for a reprieve! (Reminds me of that song, Midnight at the Oasis"!)
Richard said…
mattias: thanks! It is pretty amazing to be in a real honest to goodness oasis. You see them in the movies, but it is different to experience it in real life. The only thing missing was alpacas and llamas grazing around.

freckled-one: no it is not and it is a real interesting expreience. I would have liked to have gone on the dune buggy, but it was quite expensive and there were 11 of us. I think it was priced at 50 Soles per person (or about US $170 for all of us) which seemed a bit steep for a 1 hour joy ride through the desert.

MOI: Peru has a number of different climates, ranging from desert, to mountains, to jungle. The north is greener and more jungle like. We had hoped to go to Cajamarca in the north, but didn't have the time (especially considering I my stomach put me out for a few days).
Cavalock said…
great pix man. glad to hear u had a good trip!
Prince Romp said…

Nothing more that pictures could tell..it's clearly an awesome experience holidays.

Im glad you and family had a wonderful trip there.

As you know Spore is considered a hot tropical country, so i prefer to go holidaying in your country instead.

Thank you for sharing those awesome photos with us.
Coffee fairy said…
wow, an oasis! such a nice view indeed. happy to hear you had a splendid vacation. welcome back Richard! :)
Richard said…
cavalock: don't change that channel! there are more pics coming up!

prince: I did have a good time (if too short and not enough money). Peru has both tropical (in the north) and desert climates (the south). Canada is very nice (not that I have seen a whole lot of it). The Island of Montreal is a little smaller than Singapore.

coffee fairy: thanks! I am glad to be back (although I miss Sofia and the kids who are still in Peru). It was a pretty neat experience to see a real live oasis with palm trees, sandy hills and all that jazz.

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